Patrick and Mary
16th and Platte
Denver, CO June 2016

Pat Hartman from the Univeristy of Western Ontario glances over his shoulder above Interstate 390 during the Men's 8km race at the University of Rochester's Yellow Jacket Invitational, October 15th, 2011 in Genesee Valley Park, Rochester, NY.

Tagan Merkley, 11, pushes Alyssa Troidl, 9, out of the way to eat bubbles during intermission at the Roc City Roller Derby event in Gordon Field House, Rochester, NY on March 24, 2012.

An unknown man holds his breath for Robert "Carp" Carpenter while trying to inject heroin into his carotid artery off of North Clinton Avenue, Rochester, NY on February 27, 2012. Carp is a homeless ex-convict living on the streets of Rochester. He "flies a sign" for money to buy heroin at $8 a bag, then mixes the drug and injects it into his neck.

Clinton Avenue and Avenue D
September 11, 2012
Rochester, NY

Spires of light from hydraulic fracturing wells dwarf the steeple of East Point Church near Liberty, PA early on the morning of January 18, 2013. Hydraulic fracturing, or fracking, is a natural gas drilling process that involves boring to depths of a mile or more, turning the well shaft horizontally and drilling the body of the well, then pumping it with high pressure fluids which split the rock, releasing higher quantities of natural gas than what is available with conventional drilling. Crews have been working around the clock to put gas wells online in the Marcellus Shale, even in below freezing temperatures, as Pennsylvania’s natural gas industry booms. Fracking, due to health and safety concerns, was under moratorium in New York and New Jersey with some local municipalities passing individual bans that prohibit the process.

Students cheer as a musician closes their set during the Electronic Music festival at Rochester Institute of Technology.

Austin "AJ" Kann, 16, of Carlisle, PA, practices his free running and urban gymnastics at Dickinson College, November 4th, 2014.

Horseshoe Bend, Utah

July 2017

Mt. Zomba
Malawi, Africa

Habana, Cuba
March 2013

Ayanto Xayi, originally from Somalia, stood for a portrait along the Mississippi River at Lewis and Clark Landing Park, Omaha, Nebraska. July 2018

A 19-year-old tries out a sleeping bag I gave him at 2am while waiting for his probation hearing in Rochester, NY, November 2012.

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